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Capital Markets Board's business is making companies more valuable.  Everything we do is built around improving shareholder value creation and accelerating corporate performance.  Some companies that make use of CMB exceeded 175% stock price appreciation in the first six months.

We provide services to corporations and directors, as follows:

For public corporations, we have four main areas of service which support those foundational components:

  • Value Creation and Accelerate Corporate Performance

  • Improve Messages To Investors

  • Review Best Practices in Investor Relations

  • Executive Assimilation

For board of directors of pubic and private companies, we provide these services to help directors spend more quality time on value creation:

  • Board Best Practices Education

  • Board Education Plans

  • Value Creation and Accelerate Corporate Performance

  • Current Governance Trends

  • Independent Board and Committee Evaluations

  • Board Recruitment

  • Board Succession Plan

  • New Board Member Orientation and Mentoring

More information about some of these services:

Value Creation and Accelerate Corporate Performance
The success of a company in improving its value creation is directly and critically linked to its strategic initiatives / focus areas and proper use of capital deployment. 

This includes a perception study consisting of interviews with company thought leaders most knowledgeable about the company including investors, management and the board.

Improve Messages To Investors
Management often asks, "Do we have the right story and message?"  And, "How do we help investors understand and properly value what we are doing?  Disconnects between management and investors lead to dissatisfaction and lower stock value.

Review Best Practices in Investor Relations
For 35 years, the principals of Capital Markets Board have helped shape the tactics and strategies needed to most effectively communicate to investors and analysts.

This Review of Best Practices in Investor Relations combines the experience and knowledge of our clients and our interviews with investors and analysts.  The resulting analysis is an insightful view of what is truly a best practice and how to best reach investors and analysts with effective communications.

Best practices in investor relations are not “one size fits all.”  We will provide recommendations that meet your needs. 
One-hundred percent (100%) of participants at these CMB Reviews of Best Practices in Investor Relations wrote that they would recommend the session to others.

Board Best Practices Education
This in-boardroom one-to-two-hour session addresses board best practices, governance approaches and highlights key questions that your board should be asking.  The goal is for directors to clearly answer, "yes, our board is a valued company asset."

Executive Assimilation

The potential for turmoil in an organization is great during times when an executive is coming or going from their position.

For board of directors

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"NiSource was a mid-sized energy company with aggressive plans for its future.? The Company’s stock was perceived to be undervalued and capital was needed to fund growth. With limited internal resources, we went outside to find a capital markets consulting firm with strong leadership, financial savvy and experienced principals in the utility arena to partner with us in the development of a strategic investor relations program.? Howard and Jeff Christensen’s firm was selected because they were among the innovative leaders in the energy industry.?

We began with an in-depth perception study, which identified strengths, issues and opportunities.? The results of the study then allowed us to define action plans to attract long-term and supportive institutional and retail investors.?

Following the initiatives suggested, NiSource has now progressed from being little-known in the marketplace to being recognized as the 3rd largest gas distribution company in the US. with a market cap of over $6.5 billion.”

Dennis E. Senchak,
Former Vice President Investor Relations, Asst. Treasurer, and Asst. Secretary
NiSource (NYSE)


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