CMB's Fast Start™

CMB Fast Start?

At CMB, we're passionate.  We are experts on improving shareholder value creation of companies.? Our focus on value means creating, maintaining and enhancing corporate credibility.

CMB Fast Start?

At CMB we recognize the value of getting accounts off to a fast start.? To us, that means getting immersed in your company and delivering a result to a client within 30-60 days of our hire.?

CMB operates on the principle that clients want responsive, actively involved senior advisors, sound, realistic strategic counsel; and flawless execution.

Our Fast Start program is part of every CMB engagement and has been proven to build trust in the client-agency relationship early on. We know it doesn’t sound very strategic but we believe in delivering immediate results while simultaneously working on a strategic direction.

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"Howard provides unique and well informed perspectives because he has been on the client side of the desk.? He has previously served as a CFO and Board member of a publicly-traded company.? His advice and counsel were invaluable in helping us express our message in the most thoughtful and positive way.?

"When I first met Howard, we were a much smaller Midwestern natural gas utility company struggling to maintain investor interest and an equitable stock price to meet our ongoing capital needs.? Using perception research, his ongoing investor contacts and knowledge of the financial markets, Howard assisted us in developing an investor relations program that ultimately helped us grow into the significant combination utility that we are today.”

Niel Ellerbrook
Chairman and CEO
Vectren Corporation (NYSE)


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